Article Marketing for Real Estate Businesses

Article MarketingLooking for ways to get more traffic to your website and build backlinks? There are multiple ways to achieve this goal, but many website owners experience success with article marketing. Read on to learn some article marketing basics and discover how it can help your real estate business.

What Is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is the creation of articles targeted towards a particular industry and then submitted to article directories. Article directories accept these types of submissions and typically sort them into subject-specific categories. Visitors to article directories can read your articles, and if interested, follow the links in them back to your website (or blog). Besides this traffic, article marketing also provides backlinks that boost your website’s page rank. Additionally, articles you submit this way are usually included in the search engines, providing another potential source of traffic.

Why Do It?

Getting targeted traffic to your website often requires a multi-pronged approach, and article marketing can be a reliable addition to your efforts. Most article directories allow you to post for free, which means your only cost is the time it takes you to write and submit articles or the money you pay another writer to do this for you. If you choose high-quality article directories with good page ranking, you get excellent exposure for your articles, backlinks that boost your own page rank, and search engine indexing for each submission. Additionally, other website owners can use your articles on their websites as long as they keep your links and bio in place. This means more backlinks and increased views each time your article is used.

What Type of Articles?

Most directories do not accept articles that are obviously salesy. To have your articles accepted, you’ll need to provide content that is informative and relevant to your subject. Articles that provide real value to the reader and stimulate interest are the most successful. For example, rather than write all about your particular real estate business, you would write about real estate in general (tips for buying and selling, advice for choosing an agent, or guidance for preparing a home for sale). You would use the links and bio the article directory allows to draw readers from these general articles back to the business-promoting content on your website.

The Resource Box

This is where you can be a bit more salesy. The resource box is a section at the end of the article in which you CAN promote your real estate business. Usually, you are allowed two or three links here. The idea is to write a short but compelling pitch that makes your reader want to learn more by clicking your links. For example, you might answer some important real estate questions in your article but leave readers hungry for more. In such a case, the pitch in your resource box should make it clear that they can learn more by following your links.

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