Top 10 Things to Delegate to Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Top 10 Things to Delegate to Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Top 10 Things to Delegate to Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant / Image Credit: PhotoStock /

Having a real estate virtual assistant allows you to do what you do best: sell real estate.  Your clients need your full attention on the successful listing or purchase of their home, which means you can’t afford to be distracted by other matters.  However, being a Realtor is the equivalent to running a small business – and running any business is a team effort.  So to alleviate some of the headache and stress from yourself, try delegating these things to your real estate virtual assistant:

Online Research

Understanding your market is key, but researching demographics is time consuming and downright daunting.

Data Entry

Keeping accurate records of your clients and prospects is instrumental in the success of your Real Estate CRM, but it’s also extremely time consuming.


Depending on how many marketers have your email address, it might be worth having a real estate virtual assistant filter through your emails.

Social Media

There is a huge opportunity here to delegate important, yet tedious tasks.  Social media is a great way to stay in touch with clients and create viral marketing pieces, but it takes time and knowledge of various social media platforms that are constantly changing.


There is a science to blogging that will help your search again ranking in addition to providing valuable information to your clients.


Booking listing appointments, scheduling calls, blocking out time to prospect…this can all be handled by a real estate virtual assistant.

Lead Generation

Speaking of prospecting, our assistants are well versed in lead generating software such as TigerLead, RedX, etc. and can make those call for you.

Transaction Coordination

There are so many different outlets and moving parts involved in every transaction that it only makes sense to delegate some of this to a professional.

Marketing Listings

You’ve nailed down a price, staged the home, taken the photos and entered all the information into the MLS…now it’s time to syndicate and market this listing to every avenue possible.

Campaign Management

Do you have all of your contacts set-up on an appropriate drip campaign?  If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to generate referrals and prospect to warm leads.

Now that you know what to do, get the process started by contacting REVStaffing at 855-REVSVA1 for a complimentary consultation or free needs analysis.  Our real estate virtual assistants have decades of combined experience in all of the above areas and much more.

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