The Power of Video for Your Real Estate Business

The Power of Video for Realtors

The Power of Video for Your Real Estate Business / Image Credit: imagerymajestic /

Last year, online video advertising grew 55 percent, making it the fastest growing ad format.  Additionally, consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video and will often share educational and informative videos on their social media profiles.

So how does this apply to your real estate business?


Creating a virtual tour with photos isn’t nearly as insightful as creating a video tour of a home.  You don’t need a team of professionals to shoot the video.  Simply mount your camera on a tripod, and use to handle to steadily turn the camera 360 degrees.  That’s it!


You’ve heard of blogging, but equally popular now is vlogging.  If you’re not sure what to talk about, then do a library of videos answering frequently asked questions.  Each question and answer session can be its own clip, and should not exceed more than 3 minutes.  Upload a new video each week and email your database to keep a consistent traffic flow to your website.


Search engine optimization is the ultimate tool in creating a strong online presence.  By embedding a video onto your blog and website, not only do you increase your page’s appeal, you’re also more likely to turn up in search engine results.

Now that you have some great ideas to kick your real estate business into high gear, contact your real estate virtual assistant to help implement these ideas.  Our VA’s have decades of combined experience with effective marketing strategies, advanced social media, client management, transaction coordination and much more.  For a complimentary consultation or free needs analysis, call 855-REVSVA1 (855-738-7821) or visit

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