How to Use YouTube for Real Estate

YouTube for Real Estate Don’t just use YouTube for your personal entertainment. Take advantage of it to gain more exposure for your real estate business. For example, you can use it to interest potential clients with an engaging agent profile or to share the best of a particular community via a visual tour. You can even create a video of the frequently asked questions and answers posed by real estate clients. High-quality YouTube videos can help you generate more traffic, demonstrate your expertise and get more business.

Agent Profiles

A YouTube video can be excellent for showing a little personality and giving prospects a reason to choose you as their agent. The text profile on your website gives prospects insight into your expertise and experience, and your profile photo helps them put a name to your face. But with a video, you can use your smile, facial expressions, body language and winning personality to attract potential clients. This allows prospects to get to know you in advance and feel more confident about choosing you.

Neighborhood Tours

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth 10 times as much. It can be difficult to do a neighborhood justice with static photos and text. With a high-quality video, however, you can bring a neighborhood to life. The key here is to do more than use a video to “show” a neighborhood. Instead, create a video that tells the neighborhood’s story. It should demonstrate the best the neighborhood has to offer, show off some key points of interest and give the viewer a feel for the local flavor.

Property Tours

You can also use YouTube to post videos of featured properties. Of course, you’ll want to present each property in the best possible light, which means creating videos that are free of clutter, out-of-control foliage and anything else that could be a turn off. You can include pricing and other important information in your video and provide links back to the related listing.

Question-and-Answer Sessions

Real estate buyers and sellers are full of questions, and you can use YouTube videos to answer them. As with your agent profile, these videos allow viewers to get to know you and get a feel for your personality. Viewers will benefit from the informative answers you provide and learn whom to contact for more information. When they’re ready to get started with the buying or selling process, they’ll remember how helpful you were and contact you!

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