10 Ways to use Video Email in Real Estate


Video email is the one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow you Real Estate business. By using video email, you can differentiate yourself from other agents and personalize every message that you send.  Your contacts can see YOU instead of just reading words on a page. Just turn on your smartphone, tablet or webcam and your video can be created.  If you have yet to utilize video email, we have 10 ways to help you get started. 

10 Ways to use Video Email in Real Estate

  1. Recruiting- You can make a video email introducing yourself and outlining what makes your team different.  You can also create a series of video emails to create a drip campaign to be sent out automatically every month.   
  2. Weekly Updates – you can train, coach and motivate your team in a personalized video email.  You can use this video “meeting” to stay connected and keep everyone up to date on the latest news and business updates. 
  3. Training – Good training helps make your team more productive. Video email allows you to send training and education information in a timely manner without having to assemble everyone in one location. 
  4. Leads- There is no better way to differentiate yourself from your competition than presenting yourself “in person” to a prospect.  When a new lead comes in, you can send a video email and be in front of them right away.
  5. Listings- You can announce a new listing with a video email and introduce the home.  Give a glimpse of the home and provide the link with the full MLS listing.
  6. Closing Process- Take frequently asked questions and answer them in a short video so you can send it out to your buyers and sellers.  You can include preferred suppliers (mortgage, title, home inspections, insurance etc.) in your videos to help your clients in the home buying and selling process. 
  7. Congratulating – Immediately after you close a transaction on the buyer’s side, send a quick personal video thanking the client and congratulating them.  You can include pictures of the home so they can share with their friends and family via email or through social media.  This is a win-win situation because you can congratulate your client and as they send it along, it is a great endorsement for you because your look, logo and website will be seen by everyone. 
  8. Referrals – Your past clients can be your best resource.  Send a video email reminding them of your friendly face, local expertise and great service.  They might be in need of an agent again or perhaps a friend or family member is thinking of buying or selling.  Your past client can simply forward and your personalized video email will be a great resource. 
  9. Thank you – We can’t express gratitude enough.  Just think how a video email can convey your sentiment and sincerity compared to a written email.  We have so many opportunities to thank people and now it can be sent immediately and personally through video email. 
  10. Invitations – Use text to provide all the details like date, time and location of the event and then use video to personally invite and promise the value and benefits of attending.  You can also use video email after the event to share photos, videos and recap for attendees and non-attendees. 

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