Using Storytelling in your Real Estate Marketing

book pic smallStorytelling is a great way to turn your copywriting into a more exciting and engaging piece of marketing material.   When you use storytelling principles in your website, blog posts and videos:

  1.  People get more involved in your message
  2.  You make the information more personal
  3.  You build connections easier than with more sales-oriented copy


You can use storytelling on an ongoing basis in your real estate businesses in several ways:

  • Marketing materials (letters, brochures, websites, blogs, videos)
  • Conversations with motivated sellers ( stories about sellers you worked with who were in a similar situation)
  • Conversations with buyers (stories about the wonderful neighbors, or positive experiences from some of the  features you’ve added to the home)

These are just a few examples of how storytelling can be powerful.  Most importantly, you want to be sure that you’re telling an effective story as well, and below are some tips to help you do just that.

Elements of Effective Storytelling:

  1. Short and easy to tell not only does this make it easy for someone to remember, but it also increases the chances that the story will be retold to others which is exactly what you want to happen.
  2. Memorable – there should be some highlights to the story. Providing specific results can be impressive rather than sharing vague generalities. Sometimes it’s the emotion (both good and bad) of the story that makes it memorable.
  3. Relevant – every story you tell should have a point.  Keep mind that there is a purpose for you sharing this story, whether it’s in your marketing materials or in conversation.  You don’t want people to be thinking “So what’s the point?” or “Who cares?” when you’re done. 

The REVStaffing team has experience in using storytelling in real estate marketing.   Please call (855) 738-7821 or email us at

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