Using Evernote in your Real Estate Business

Evernote is one of the most popular apps available.  It allows you to keep all of your notes, ideas, images and tasks in one place.  It has many uses in real estate and most of your transactions can be handled directly from Evernote.  You can go completely paperless and perform all of your real estate business from your mobile locations.  Basic Evernote is free and premium service is $45 per year. 

Evernote allows you to save, search and retrieve information from various formats and sources.  The web based software allows you to save everything in Evernote from your phone, tablet or computer.  It is easy to access and fast so you can work on the go. 

Evernote is a great way to share information with your Virtual Assistant.

  • As you are touring a new listing, you can snap a photo, record audio and save it so your virtual assistant can access it and start creating your listings online. 
  • Share your documentation with your virtual assistant so both of you can work on one client file at the same time and move it along in the buying process faster. 
  • Evernote helps you keep everything in sync.  It allows you and your virtual assistant to keep information in one place, up to date and access it easily.
  • When a transaction closes, you can save all of your notes, from all formats in one folder and save it.  

Evernote can really simplify your real estate business and allow you to work seamlessly with your virtual assistant.  This great technology can speed up the buying and selling process –   a big bonus for all of us. 

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