The latest social media sensation to hit the web, Vine!


Have you heard about the latest social media sensation to hit the web?  It’s called Vine and it is the latest project from Twitter.   Vine enables you to make 6 second video with audio. 

It is a fast and simple way for you to create video to promote your listings and your real estate business. 

 So what kind of message can you send in a 6 second video?  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

360 View

 A quick 360 view of a room or the exterior view of the house is a great way to use your 6 seconds to your advantage.  A video can be way more effective and interactive than a photo. 

Spotlight your SOLD Moments

 You are a successful agent with many SOLD signs around town.  Show that SOLD sticker on the real estate sign or a montage of you handing over the keys to your new home owners. 

Vine is a great way to capture those happy moments that you and your clients share together. 

Your Team in Action

Give a glimpse of your day at the office.  Show off your team having fun in their day to

day activities.  This is especially helpful when trying to recruit new agents. 

Be Creative

Since Video is such a new marketing technology, you might need to experiment with it to  see what works.  Be creative and see how your audience responds.  

Your REVStaffing team can help you put together a great video.  Just give us a call for some advice.

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