Top 4 Reasons to Start a Real Estate Blog

Real Estate Blog BenefitsIt seems that just about everyone has a blog these days, and maybe you’re wondering if you need one too. Or maybe you have a blog that you’ve been neglecting, and you’re weighing the pros and cons of investing more time and effort into it. Developing a quality blog, providing regularly updated content and spending time on promotion can require an investment of several hours each week. Though you’re already a busy real estate agent, there are many reasons a blog is worth the time. Here are four top reasons to consider:


1. Exposure:

One of the top reasons for starting a real estate blog is to gain exposure for your business. Search engines love updated content, and adding a new blog post a couple of times a week or more helps you rank higher in the search engines. With each step you take towards the first page or even towards the number-one search engine spot, it becomes easier for your target audience to find you. This can mean the difference between a slow trickle of visitors to your site (or none at all) and a steady flow. And of course, more exposure means more chances to gain clients and obtain referrals.

2. Reputation:

Regular blogging can help you establish yourself as an expert, But the key is choosing a niche to explore and using your knowledge of it to establish a strong online presence. There are many bloggers who focus on general real estate topics, and you can eventually build a reputation for yourself doing the same thing. However, you might establish your reputation faster if you choose a real estate niche and focus on that instead. This way, you aren’t telling your audience you are a jack of all trades. Instead, you’re telling prospects that you are the expert with a particular type of real estate, transaction type, client profile or area. This doesn’t mean you can’t offer them a full range of services, but you’ll draw them in with your expertise in a niche or two.

3. Differentiation:

A well-developed real estate blog also helps differentiate you from other agents. It provides a platform from which you can share all that’s unique and special about you. With ads, you have only so much space to make yourself stand out and show your prospects why they need you. A blog, on the other hand, provides a perfect platform for separating yourself from the competition. You have the space to really make yourself shine, and each time you write a post, you have the chance to demonstrate that you are both dedicated and different.

4. Connection:

When you establish and maintain an interesting and informative blog, you aren’t just sharing with your audience; you’re also encouraging dialogue. Though it can take time to build a loyal audience, you will eventually discover that people want to discuss your posts. Your audience may begin to ask questions, leave comments, and share thoughts and opinions with you. Your prospects might share your posts with their friends, family members and business associates who are also in need of real estate help. This engagement provides ongoing chances for you to generate leads and further establish yourself as a go-to person in the real estate industry.

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