SEO: Are Your Links Any Good?

Face it; it’s hard to get people to click the links you share. did a study of link life, and came to the conclusion that what matters more than where you posted your links was the content to which the link was pointing. This is affirmation of the fact that good content is very relevant.

To get the initial rush to your posts, place links in all the usual social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But to get follow up interest, try resubmitting a newly worded link using a URL shortener to the same social media outlets. There are several that can be used, such as,, Tinyurl, by posting each link with a different shortener, you can garner more interest for a longer period of time.

Although great advice, the link shorteners won’t help if your content is not well written and informative. Carve out a niche for yourself, and represent yourself as the local expert for your area. As we learned in the REVStaffing social media webinar last month, provide seekers of information in your area with one local resource: YOU!

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