Revamping Your Real Estate Business For 2015

Do you feel that your real estate business was not where it should have been for 2014? Give your business a revamping to start 2015!


Here are a few tips on how to jump-start your business right away…



Reconnect with your past clients. Wish them well for the New Year. Keep your name in their minds in case they will need a Realtor’s help this year or knows somebody who does. For your buyers or sellers from this past year, send them a copy of their closing statement for their taxes. Remind your buyers from last year about filing their homestead exemption with the county to help save them money on their home’s annual taxes. These types of helpful connections will help you be these past (and future) clients’ real estate expert.


January is the perfect month to improve upon your online presence!


Are you blogging frequently to establish yourself as the local real estate expert? Are you posting frequently on social media to make sure you stay ‘top-of-mind’? Along with real estate and area information, are your new listings appearing on your social media? Do you have an e-newsletter? Are contacts being placed into automated email drip campaigns?


What about your website? Does it grab your visitors’ attention? Does it make them want to stay on the site for a while? Does it make them wish to give you their email address? Is your website mobile friendly? Does it promote your social media? Is it your own website or a cookie-cutter one your company provided to you?



What about your existing listings? Do they feature pictures that are from the winter, so the listings do not look stale? Could the descriptions use a re-write? Are your listings being enhanced on third party websites?


A strong foundation in January can help build your business for the rest of this year!


Best of all, you don’t have to master all of these tasks on your own! Let REVStaffing help you to achieve your goals and increase your potential! Complete a complimentary needs analysis survey, send us an , or call 855.REVS.VA1 today!



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  1. My Coach and I have talked for some time about me getting a virtual assistant since I do not wish someone under foot to do the things which need to be done which I do not wish to learn how to do or do period.

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