Kunversion is All the Rage!

Kunversion is an all-in-one lead-generation service which features live chat, mobile-optimized back end and Google Apps integration.

Lead generation and customer relationship management (CRM) platformKunversion LLC has rolled out a new user dashboard that’s mobile-optimized, integrated with Google Apps, and interacts with leads via text, email and chat before a user has to personally respond.

Tom Ray and Justin Tracy, co-founders of Kunversion, founded real estate lead generation platform Realty Generator LLC in 2001, ran it for six years and then, in 2007, sold it to Market Leader Inc., which remade its business around the technology.

Ray and Tracy are back with another lead-generation product in Kunversion, an all-in-one website, blog, CRM and lead-generation platform geared to brokers and teams that costs $1,000 per month for up to 30 users.

They launched Kunversion in early 2011 after three years of silence due to a non-compete clause associated with the sale to Market Leader, and are now ramping up to make a splash in the space, Tracy said.

The updated platform “is what we wanted to do from launch, but are just now rolling out,” said Tracy, who is also Kunversion’s chief technology officer.

Kunversion features an IDX website; a mobile-optimized, HTML5-formatted back end; Android and iOS mobile apps; free e-signatures from HelloSign; a drip email marketing platform; and handles the initial interaction with a lead with live chat. Every day from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern time, Kunversion powers live chat from an outsourced team of 10 people who respond to leads on users’ Kunversion platform.

The system also automatically sends texts and emails to leads on a user’s behalf based on triggers like if a lead visits one house five times, checks out a just-listed home or hasn’t been on the site in a while.

kunversion dashboardThe system’s dashboard view also helps users navigate the system to see details about each lead, prioritize leads into an “active” list and see activity properties laid out in a Pinterest-like grid.

With all that said, Kunversion is a one-stop lead-generation CRM that makes it easier for real estate agents to manage their business.

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