Increase Your Listing Inventory in 2013

Increase Your Listing Inventory in 2013 / Image Credit: renjith krishnan /

Increase Your Listing Inventory in 2013 / Image Credit: renjith krishnan /

Get a jump on your real estate business and increase your listing inventory in 2013 by implementing these strategies, used by the most successful Realtors in the country.

1.      Practice Scripts and Role Playing

Getting flashbacks to real estate school?  There’s a reason this is one of the first things you learned.  It’s effective for a number of reasons – It builds confidence, and it prevents you from getting into a situation where you don’t have an answer.  It also ensures that your response and delivery will sound completely natural.  Just because you’re mentally referring back to a script during a conversation doesn’t mean it has to sound like it.

2.      Prospect

Do you have a lead generating system, such as TigerLead or RedX?  Calling on expired and withdrawn listings can be time consuming, but it can also be very lucrative.  Fortunately, REVStaffing has a specialized department that can make those calls for you.

3.      Schedule an In-Office Listing Appointment

Most agents schedule listing appointments at the seller’s home, and while this isn’t completely ineffective, it’s not ideal either.  When you’re in the seller’s home, there’s a greater chance that you’ll influenced by their presentation of their home, making it hard to view the property objectively.  By meeting them in your office, you’ll have the “home field” advantage where you can focus on why you are best for their listing…not why their listing is best for you.

4.      Have a Team of Real Estate Professionals

Having a team of real estate virtual assistants is critical to the success of any top producing Realtor.  Your VA’s can help you with everything from transaction coordination to virtual marketing.

5.      Communication

Communication is key, both with your clients and your team.  Make sure you communicate realistic and honest expectations to your clients, and follow this up by staying in touch with them regarding the status of their property listing.  Make sure you also communicate any listing modifications and prices changes promptly to your team.

To begin increasing your listing inventory for 2013, contact REVStaffing for a complimentary consultation or free needs analysis by calling 855-REVSVA1 (855-738-7821) or visiting  Our real estate virtual assistants have decades of combined experience with effective marketing strategies, advanced social media, client management, transaction coordination and much more.


  1. Another great thing to do is send out a monthly real estate e-Newsletter to all of your leads. Real estate CRMs such as IXACT Contact give you the ability to automatically do this every month.

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