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Nationwide Virtual Assistance for Real Estate Agents
Phone/Fax Toll Free 855-REVSVA1 or 855-738-7821 x703
REVStaffing Department Extensions

  • REO & Lead Generation, extension 1
  • Transaction Coordination, extension 2
  • Advanced Social Media and Web Division, extension 3

REVStaffing Division Manager Extensions
Casey Wilson
PREVA, Client Care Manager, New Client Launch Manager, extension 703

Shirley Anderson
PREVA, Transaction Coordination Manager, extension 719

Pam Moseley
PREVA, Advanced Social Media Division Manager, extension 712

Melissa Eades
PREVA, Lead Generation Division Manager, extension 713

Deborah Steuer
President and Founder
PREVA, Member of REVA Network, IVAA, Active Rain