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Nationwide Virtual Assistance for Real Estate Agents
Phone/Fax Toll Free 855-REVSVA1 or 855-738-7821 x703
REVStaffing Department Extensions

  • REO & Lead Generation, extension 1
  • Transaction Coordination, extension 2
  • Advanced Social Media and Web Division, extension 3

REVStaffing Division Manager Extensions
Casey Wilson
PREVA, Client Care Manager, New Client Launch Manager
, extension 703

Shirley Anderson
PREVA, Transaction Coordination Manager
, extension 719

Pam Moseley
PREVA, Advanced Social Media Division Manager
, extension 712

Melissa Eades
PREVA, Lead Generation Division Manager
, extension 713

Deborah Steuer
President and Founder
PREVA, Member of REVA Network, IVAA, Active Rain