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Are you interested in becoming a virtual assistant? Our business is focused on professional real estate support for agents and brokers across the country. We ONLY contract virtual assistants with previous real estate experience; assistants who have worked with or as a real estate agent in an office environment.

We are continually searching for highly qualified and motivated, real estate-experienced administrative virtual assistants. You MUST have a working knowledge of and proficiency with Top Producer, e-Edge and/or MaxAvenue. Experience in the field of real estate is paramount to REVStaffing and our clients.

All our team members are Independent Contractors that can and do live all over the USA. All our PREVAs (Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistants) are skilled with Web-based tools for the real estate industry like Top Producer 8i,, MLS’s, Facebook and others. We continually train on new and existing tools our clients use. We conduct a personality DISC assessment on every applicant considered for our team.

We ask all applicants with real estate experience to fill out a VA Profile, indicating precisely which tools they have worked with that our clients use.


What Our Virtual Assistants Are Saying About REVStaffing

“I came to REVStaffing after working for another RE Virtual Assistance agency for about 2 years. Deborah and all of the teammates are absolutely amazing. Everyone works well with each other, no one complains, and each person with REVS has their own personal way with clients – in other words, they make the clients feel like their part of the team. If anyone at all doesn’t understand something that they’re working on, another team member can pitch in and help or offer advice. We are all here for each other, and that’s what makes it a perfect team to work with!” 

Since 2008 – Debi H


“I live the best of both worlds! REVStaffing has given me the opportunity to maintain a good income, be challenged and satisfied with my work, work with talented and successful people in an industry I love and be home to greet my children as they get off the bus. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization.”
Since 2007 – Barbara G 


“I have enjoyed working with REVStaffing. REVStaffing has given me a unique opportunity to work to the best of my ability in a down turned economy in which there are no jobs in my small town. Working from home not only helps my family with saving money it also helps the environment. REVStaffing is truly a GREEN company! I look forward to a long relationship.”

Since 2008 – Cheryl P


“After having my son, I was looking for something that I can do from home using the skills that I utilized over the years for other companies and found Deborah Steuer and REVStaffing.  The past 3 years working with REVStaffing has been incredible.  I was given the opportunity to help many clients across the country, learn many new innovative real estate tools and able to still have time to raise my son.  REVStaffing provides us multiple training opportunities so that we are ahead of the game and can offer our clients all the new and innovative products and services.  Even though we are working from many different areas across the country, our REVStaffing team works close together. I enjoy every minute of it.”

Since 2008 – Casey W


“I have worked in the Real Estate field for over 7 years, both as an assistant.  I truly do enjoy the business especially with the new vehicle of social media.  I was so excited to come across REVStaffing.  With this wonderful company, I am able to remain in the field I enjoy, complete many exciting tasks, yet work from home.  I love the fact that my fellow co-workers bring an array of diverse specialties to the table so there is always someone within the company with the expertise to complete any task a client may request.  Everyone works together with the main focus being completing assigned work professionally and timely.  I look forward to a long career with REVS!!!”

Since 2013 – Pam M



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