About REVStaffing

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Why Use REVStaffing Real Estate Virtual Assistants?

  • No need to train us – we are already EXPERIENCED!
  • You receive an entire TEAM of Virtual Assistants
  • SAVE on office space
  • NO fixed salary, NO benefits to provide, NO vacations, NO sick days, NO payroll taxes
  • NO long term commitments
  • You receive the BEST person to do the job WHEN you need them
  • NO retainer, NO minimums, you are billed down to the minute!
  • We are not limited to areas of support for agents.
  • We work with agents across the United States and Canada.

Are you Growing your Business Using Professional Real Estate Assistants?

  • We have great ideas to meet your needs
  • We will make recommendations of the latest software tools being used with success.
  • We can help you decide exactly how to use us in YOUR BUSINESS.
  • We provide a FREE business needs analysis to determine your custom Plan of Action.
  • We offer advanced real estate skills and knowledge of top real estate software, we put your needs first!
  • You will build a relationship with your lead Real Estate Virtual Assistant that will benefit your business.
  • You will have MORE TIME to spend growing your business, knowing that the tasks you have delegated are in good hands.


Our team will burst into action, providing you with immediate support including a Manager and one Real Estate Virtual Assistant for every project.  No one person can be expert at every task, but collectively our Virtual Assistants have ALL the skills that you need!  The best part is our experts are happy to complete the tasks you would rather not do yourself. We hope you find our website informative and helpful in deciding what support you need to reach your business goals. Please contact us if we can answer any additional  questions for you.  For more detailed information, click on the link “How Virtual Can Be Vital To My Business”  which explains virtual assistance; the advantages and disadvantages of both Virtual Assistants and in office assistants; as well as our terms and what you need to know before engaging a support person for your business.


President’s Personal Statement of Our Mission

Ephesians 6:5 Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ.”


I would like to express to those of you considering REVStaffing services for your business, my approach to providing you with that service.  Real Estate Agents have enough stress, problems and challenges without support people adding to that.  We work well with others!  No loud voices, no negativity, no “can’t do that”.  Just solutions, possibilities and pleasant contact to support your needs.  It’s not enough to offer you extensive experience and know how. REVStaffing team members attempt to do our job with a ‘servants heart’.

My personal beliefs do affect how I treat others in business.  That is why I share this attitude here on the REVStaffing website.  The virtual assistants that work with me to support REVStaffing clients may, or may not, share my beliefs.  However, they do share an attitude toward support of our clients that reflects a ‘servants heart’ in all that they do for you.  I do hope my conduct, ethics, performance, and caring attitude will reveal, and reflect positively on, my beliefs and translate to superior service for my clients.

Deborah Steuer, President, PREVA